AI-powered occupancy sensors offer a wide-ranging detection capability, efficiently identifying individuals across large areas. Through accurate headcounts within buildings, these sensors enable precise control over HVAC, lighting and other systems, resulting in optimized energy consumption. This technology's ability to discern occupancy patterns facilitates a smarter and more sustainable approach to resource management.

On-Board AI Algorithm

It is a next-generation people counting sensor with an embedded AI algorithm that allows to filter unnecessary counts and distinguish different crowds, greatly improving accuracy and scenario adaptation for optimal performance.

Counting people in and out concurrently enriches the applications to bring more accurate and straightforward Information. By detecting the U-shape tracks, the sensor filters out redundant counting of people wandering the area to distinguish people who don't truly enter.

By accurately capturing foot traffic and duration within maximum 4 customized regions, the users can gain actionable insights to improve queue management in various applications encompassing check-out counters and any evaluation related to number and dwell time. The people passing by can be filtered by custom settings to truly realize precise counting.

The sensor captures people flow, duration of stay, and motion to generate a comprehensive heat map. It provides deeper insights by visually representing the distribution and intensity of foot traffic, enhancing the understanding of customer/consumer behavior and allowing for optimization on user experiences, store layouts, and data-driven decision-making.

Versatile Installation

Flexible ceiling and doorframe mounting (with optional VB01 multifunctional bracket)

User-Friendly Management

The sensor helps to understand visitor flow and occupancy trends by showing valuable data in well-designed interfaces with a better interactive experience, more comfortable configuration processes, and more intuitive report display.

With the enhanced reporting engine, the sensor brings unprecedented flexibility and control over how users receive and utilize valuable data to enjoy convenient analytics and unlock the full potential of the device.

  • Multiple MQTT broker/HTTP URL integration and simultaneous data forwarding
  • Periodic reporting at fixed intervals
  • Customizable reporting conten